This could be vanity or self loathing. I don't know, I'm guilty of both.
  1. FROM P4K: Following excitable fan reports and wobbly audio clips from recent soundchecks, Radiohead have finally given new song “Full Stop” an airing that was captured for audible posterity. Watch a video of the band performing the song at Chicago’s First Midwest Bank Amphitheater from yesterday, below.

    Radiohead ‘Full Stop” Debut Chicago 6/10/12 (by geomonster17)

    I case you were wondering, I was not only there for the debut of a new song, A NEVER BEFORE PLAYED AT AN AUDIENCE SONG, but I was standing next to the guy that filmed this. Not kidding, I was a little pissed when I realized he was doing it and then I thought, “This is a brand new fucking song and when I get home I’m going to be watching this dude’s video ,” and guess what? I AM. AND NOW YOU CAN TOO.

    So. fucking. amazing.  I was close enough to lick Thom Yorke’s balls, yo.


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  1. vaderwins said: damn…this cut sounds…MOVING.
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